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About the Boids

It’s another technology blog! :)

Because of the day job, and because I’m interested, I end up messing about with all sorts of bits and pieces. Occasionally I will take an unhealthy interest in them, and it’s at that point they’ll probably start appearing on this site. The main ones so far have been the AlertMe home automation system and the spiffing O2 Joggler. Poor things.

If you also have an interest in tech, the hope is that there’ll be a few bits and pieces on here that might prove distracting, or possibly even useful. Maybe.

Feed the Birds

I’m not above asking for contributions to keep this place ticking over, so if you like the content, the best way to get more of it is to send a little incentive.

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You can use the cute button above or the new Tip the Web service. If you’d like a little more information on how your donation will be used, please take a peek at the contributions page.

You can contribute in other ways too, by leaving a comment or by letting me know if you bump into any mistakes or rough edges.

The Website

I used to do a fair bit of web design for people under the guise of Different Pixel. You may recognise many of the sparrows. Because of this I’m aware that browsers render things differently and I had to be very careful to make clients’ sites look pretty everywhere.

Well, this is my site and I’m far more prepared to play with things like HTML5 on here, so the best I can promise is that it should degrade nicely if your browser can’t handle it. The only thing I ask is that if you’re still using Internet Explorer 6, please stop. I really recommend Google Chrome or Firefox and I was rather pleasantly surprised by IE9 if you’re on a recent Windows system.

It’s only right to mention that the background is an adaptation of ‘Sky Wallpaper’ by Lomacar on Flickr, kindly made available under this Creative Commons licence.

Hope you enjoy the site!